dar e receber smash it room

Give and take

Equipments, after broken by our clients, are sent to recycle. In truth, the industrial process of recycling implies the separation of several parts, components and materials. So, by breaking things, we are starting that process. Smash It Room is a registered company in APA (Portuguese agency of environment), obeying to the legal norms regarding collection of waste and it routing to the due treatment.

We created, therefore an incentive to make sure obsolete equipments, with no use and filling up space at home or storage, reach faster the lines of recycling, decreasing the pressure about exploitation of raw materials, following a fun path along the way!

Join us!

Those dishes you don’t use anymore, the printer that doesn’t work, The bibelot that is stored for years… Bring it to us and we will put them to use one last time and you’ll get a discount to use as you please.