Tired of following all the rules?

Wouldn’t it be good to let it all out from long hours of work and daily obligations?

Imagine a beautiful dining room, with table set, television in front of the couch and a gorgeous and delicate cup set. Now, choose your favourite destruction tool. All is ready to succumb to your energy!

Do not leave anything standing!

Do not worry because in the end we clean everything and send the remains to recycle.

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How does it work?

Choose one of the available menus, make your reservation online or contact us and show up on time. You will equip yourself, get inside the room, pick up one of the various weapons (bats, hammers, crow bars) and...Smash It up! Bottles, tableware, monitors, keyboards, atc, depending on your choice.

What is the minimum age?

18 years old. It is required an Identification document to verify your age and to confirm the signature on the responsibility statement. All in order!!

Do I have a limit of time to break the objects?

It all depends on the chosen menu. You will have to give others the chance to break some stuff too but the 5 minutes of fame we can’t deny you and they can go up to 60 raging minutes.

I want to break stuff with someone. Can I?

Yes. Except for options from the Team building menu that has rules of it’s own, it is allowed up to two persons per room. Alone is good. Two is way better! But if more come along, the action in the room can be viewed by your friends on a TV in our space, while they wait for you to finish the cataclysm.

Smash It Room


Release the stress, facilitate recycle and, if you wish to bring or donate materials you free more room at your place!

    Some advantages:

  • Give one more use to an obsolete object;
  • Makes it easier to separate components;
  • Get a discount for the objects you donate;
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In face of recent events, Smash It Room informs that it has suspended its activities for our costumers and staff protection. Vouchers will have their deadline extended. We’ll be back in action once it is safe, so that our costumers can come and celebrate our victory over this challenging battle we’re all fighting.
A special acknowledgement to all medical staff in the frontline.